Why Wi-Ho!

Wi-Ho! is the rental Wi-Fi service you are looking for!


・”Wi-Ho!” is a rental Wi-Fi service working in over 120 countries.

・Telecom Square, the company behind “Wi-Ho!” is a leading Japanese telecommunication company with over 40 years of experience.

・Our strategic partnerships with the best mobile operator networks in the world allows us to offer you the highest quality and the fastes speed, no matter where you go.


~No Extra Charge. Flat rate, regardless of the device connected~

Other Pocket WiFi

We do not charge extra fee

Telecom Square doesn’t ask extra charge due to our policy even if the data usage gets over the limit.


~Easy connect, Safety network~

Price Speed Security Simple Settings Share Features
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  • • Connects up to10 devices at the same time.
  • • No bill shock with flat rate pricing.
  • • Fast, stable Internet access with local network!
  • • SImple settings to enjoy internet overseas straight away!
Overseas Data
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  • • There is a risk to get bill shock.
  • • Cannot share the data with your friends.
  • • Need to subscribe roaming plan before going abroad.
Local Prepaid
Sim Card
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  • • Need to find the shop and speak in local language to buy a SIM card.
  • • Complicated procedure of activation .
  • • Unable to receive calls to your locall number.
Free Wi-Fi


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  • • Complicated registration.
  • • Need to stay at the limited area.
  • • Risks of identity theft with less security.
  • • Limitation on using some apps.
  • (e.g. Cannot log-in to Facebook etc)


~We support you 24 hrs a day, wherever you are~

  • globe

    24/7 hour support

    We are always ready to help you,
    no matter where you are.

  • flag

    3 language support

    We support by
    Chinese, English and Japanese


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