Fair Usage Policy

Fair usage policy (FUP) is the broadband industry’s attempt at keeping cyber traffic down. The policies are designed to protect the people who might be affected by your downloading. If the ISP decides to put FUP in place, the ISP may do all or any of following: Limit usage, Restrict data usage, Restrict speed and much more. Please refrain from downloading movies/videos, playing game and so on. If you continue to use massive amount of data, Telecom Square SG will not be responsible for any problems accessing the internet or any other restrictions placed by the ISP. Should you continue to use excessive amounts of data you will be responsible for any extra fees might be applied by the local ISP.sodales.
Telecom Square SG is not responsible for any trouble using the device or accessing the internet due to your wi-fi mobile device setting.



If you lose or damage the device
compensation fee would be


Portable Power Bank

It's very helpful when the battery
suddenly runs out.



Compensation Fee

 Without InsuranceInsurance
Wi-Fi Router Device and SIM$300/unit$90/unit
Total Loss of Wi-Fi router and Accessories$350/set$105/set
Spare Battery$50$50/unit (Not covered by Insurance)

Cancelation Fee

At least 3 days before the departure date from Singapore100% (0%)
Late cancellation$15/unit + shipping fees (if applicable)

Other Fees

Late Fee$15/day/unit

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