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What's "Wi-Ho!" ?  

Use Wi-Ho! to access wireless internet anywher in over 140 countries.

Flat rate, no extra charge. Share with your friends and get cheaper rate!
Fast, stable Internet access
with local network!
English & Japanese customer support available
Share your journey on SNS
with Wi-Ho!
You‘ll never get lost! Stay connected to Google Map with Wi-Ho!
Find exotic restaurant or cafes
with Wi-Ho!

Why "Wi-Ho!" ?  

Why Wi-Ho! Because you can save money and travel wisely!
Cutdown up to 40% comparing to other international roaming charge
Comparison of 7 days Travel to Japan

Ways to connect to internet overseas
  Advantage Disadvantage

Rent a Mobile Wi-Fi Router
  • Able to connect to 5-10 devices at the same time.
  • Able to connect with PC, Tablets, Smartphones and all other Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • No bill shock with flat rate pricing.
  • Fast, stable Internet access with local network!
  • Just turn on Wi-Ho! and you can enjoy internet overseas straight away!
  • Need to carry around the Wi-Fi router with you.
  • Need some procedures to rent and return the device.
Overseas Data

Use Overseas Data Roaming
  • Able to use your own device as you are in your own country.
  • The risk to get bill shock if you fail to do the settings in correct way.
  • Cannot share the data with your friends.
  • Need to subscribe roaming plan before going abroad.
Local Prepaid
Sim Card

Buy Local Prepaid Sim Card
  • Able to enjoy the service with local rate.
  • No worries for the overusage.
  • Your handset should be SIM unlocked.
  • Need to find the shop and speak in local language to buy a SIM card.
  • Need to do the activation.
  • Unable to receive calls to your original number.
Public Wireless

Free Wi-Fi Spot that anyone can connect to
  • Free of charge
  • No subscription needed
  • Wi-Fi Spot is limited.
  • Risks of identity theft with less security.
  • Do not work properly with some particular apps.  
    (e.g. Cannot log-in to Facebook etc)
※ Information above are based on general remarks and there are possibilities for exceptions.

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